Our Story


When I first got together with my partner few years ago, we were really excited about every little occasion that we can celebrate together. At first, it was all fun and exciting, however, it soon became burdensome when we started to run out of ideas, as if it was a competition for us to make each date more memorable and impressive than the last one.

It was especially painstaking when it comes to important occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Expensive gifts, fancy dinners, overpriced luxuries… It was slowly suffocating us and killing our purses. In hindsight, we both just want each other to be happy and prepare the surprises that they surprises. I soon realised that it was not even one bit about the material gift itself, but the thoughts behind those colourful boxes and beautiful wrappers that matter.


How It Started

On one of our anniversaries, I’ve decided to take things into my own hands and searched around for decorative items and turn his bedroom into a balloon-filled fun room. It took quite a bit of work, but when I saw the smile on his face as soon as he entered his room, I knew right away that my effort was all worth it. Who would’ve known that with careful planning and dedicated arrangement, balloons triumph branded belts, fancy ties and expensive dinners.

When I started posting on social media, I started getting requests from friends to decorate for them. I wasn’t skilled back then so I was hesitant but with the encouragement from my family and partner, I gave it a go. Soon, words got around and I’ve gotten more and more requests, things started getting out of hand and I could’t handle all the work by myself and that is how Truly, Madly, Dearly was born!


The Story Continues... 

Today, we are a small team for four based in Klang Valley, hustling passionately and working diligently everyday to serve you and get each request fulfilled. To cater to needs of all sizes, we have prepared three customisable products - Standard Box, Signature Box and Premium Box! Please view product page for more details. We understand that love comes in many forms, so, feel free to shoot us a message at hellotmdearly@gmail.com if you have any special request!