Last Minute Gift and Surprise Preparation for Girlfriend

If you’re reading this, she probably is someone significant to you and yes, her birthday is around the corner and chances are you are still unprepared and she probably deserves to feel loved.

You find yourself unprepared but don’t fret! You are going somewhere as you are reading this, we got your back.

Girls, complicated? Hmm, not quite. All they need from your love and what’s a better way to express your love than your thoughtful and romantic surprise?


1. Cake And Rose Bouquet 

It is always safe to go with the romantic and classic yet cliche birthday combo of cake and roses, provided that you put in extra effort to have them customised to her liking.


2. DIY Photo Wall

Walk her down the memory lane with a photo wall. Print photos of her with the people she loves, doing the things that she enjoys and visiting the places she once dreamt of, and hang them up nicely with cute wooden clips and fairy lights. Simple but meaningful surprise to drive her to tears.


3. Hire A Service

Are there any recent complaints from her? Solve it for her. Do her shoulders hurt? Hire a masseuse. Has she told you about wanting a pet? Bring her to a pet cafe. Pile of laundry in need of attention? Bring her coats and blazers to a dry cleaner. Complaints about how she’d like a change? Get a manicurist to her doorstep. Show her that you’re not just about the sweet talks but also a man with actions.


4. Balloon Surprise Box

You have already done all of the above or you’re 3 years into the relationship looking to reignite the sparks. Try the hassle free and affordable way of delivering a luxurious and personalisable balloon surprise box to her, even if her birthday falls on tomorrow.