General Enquiries
1. Who are you and can you please introduce yourself?
Hi there! Nice to meet you here and we are Dearly Creation. We are so excited to be
here to send love and surprise to your loved ones.
2. Do you guys have physical store?
We are happy to sacrifice this just for you. We operate entirely online mainly to save
more cost in order to deliver most affordable with best quality products for our
3. Do you provide decoration service?
We really wish that we could help you more but our expertise is not in decoration
service. Why not send a surprise box with tons of love to your loved ones?


1. Can I customize my own surprise box?
We know that you have a brilliant idea. We will try our best to meet your customization
so please contact us through Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to discuss further.
2. Can I type any customized wordings?
We totally agree love must be expressed out! You can customize wordings
on balloon (maximum 30 characters) and wordings on card
(maximum 50 characters).
3. Are all the balloons sold inflated with helium?
Our products come with helium-filled balloons and air-filled balloons. Both of them
work beautifully together in the box. You may refer to product description for more
4. How long will helium balloons float?
We do hope helium balloons float beautifully forever for you. Unfortunately, there are
so many factors that will cause them deflate naturally like humidity, temperature,
altitude, atmospheric conditions etc. Below is the estimated floating duration (tested
indoor in an air-conditioned room with temperature around 18C):
12” latex balloon can last for at least 6 hours
18” foil balloon can last for at least 1 day
18” bubble balloon for at least 1 day
5. Is helium gas flammable?
Helium gas is non-flammable and is safe for environment. However, do not inhale
helium gas because inhaling can result loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen.
6. Do you mix helium gas with other gases for your balloons?
For helium balloons we only use best quality pure helium gas because we, Dearly Creation
committed to deliver best quality product to our customers.

7. Why do my balloons burst?
Your patience is truly appreciated. Hope you understand there are many circumstances
that will cause this happen. For instance, static electric caused by sudden and extreme
change in surrounding temperature, caught by something sharp etc.


1. How can I place an order online?
Don’t worry, it’s easy as 1 2 3! Firstly, select the surprise box you wish to buy and
provide necessary information (recipient name, customized wordings, delivery date
time etc) then click ‘Add to cart’ button. Next, you may continue purchase other
products. Lastly, go to checkout page and select your payment method to proceed with
payment to confirm your order. If you still face any problems, feel free to find us in
Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.
2. Can I place same day order delivery?
We understand your busy schedule and you just realized your occasion. We do accept
same day order delivery with 4 hours preparation time before sending out. However, we
encourage customers to place order 1 day in advanced to ensure that your order will be
delivered on time and smoothly. Priority will be given to customers who place their
orders early.
3. Do you deliver every day and how much is the delivery fee?
Absolutely! We deliver every day and it’s our job to send your orders to surprise your
loved ones. The best thing is we deliver your orders with full of love and for free!
4. Can I get any discount?
We know everyone loves discount! You can get 10% off for first time purchase by
subscribing to our newsletter on website and also by referring a friend.
5. Which payment method do you accept?
We value your convenience. We accept most online bank transfer and paypal.
6. How do I know if my order has been confirmed?
Fret not! We will send you a confirmation email to your email address and confirmation
message to your Whatsapp.
7. How my order will be delivered? When will it arrives?
Your order will be delivered by us or 3 rd party dispatch service. It will be arrived within
the 3 hours timeframe (depending on the delivery location) that you have chosen for
your order.
8. What if recipient is not around to collect delivery?
We understand your worries. We will ask you before sending out your orders (expected
to reach in 1 to 2 hours depending on location). If recipient is not around to collect then
we will immediately inform you and leave it at reception area or neighbor.

9. How do I know my order has been delivered?
Rest assured we will send you a confirmation email to your email address or whatsapp
to inform you your order is delivered.
10. Can I change my delivery date or time after purchase?
We understand everyone’s schedule changes. Please contact us as soon as possible in
Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp and we will try to rearrange based on your loved one
11. If I have placed my order, can I request for refund/change order for any reasons?
We appreciate your patience and please let us know what happened and we will try our
best to solve it for you. However, goods sold are not returnable, refundable and exchangeable.
We only refund in the event of transaction-related issue like duplicate transaction or transaction error.